The Caspian Security Conference is organized by the Caspian Policy Center and the U.S. National Defense University to explore what comes next for the Caspian region following the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan.



Formulating A Unified Regional Response to Afghanistan

Yar Mohabbat

Former Charge d’Affaires of Afghanistan to the United States (1994-1997) 

Farid Shafiyev 

Chairman of the Center of the Analysis of International Relations Center 

Deborah Lyons (TBC)

Timur Shaimergenov  

Deputy Director, Library of the First President of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev Center

Dr. Akram Umarov 

Fulbright Visiting Scholar, University of Pittsburgh 

Victor Kipiani 

Chair of Geocase 


Supporting Interregional Security Cooperation

Intraregional Security Cooperation After the Destabilization of Afghanistan

Ambassador (ret.) Ali Ahmad Jalali 

Former Interior Minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Former Afghan Ambassador to Germany (2016-2018)

Deborah Lyons (TBC)

Dr. Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili 

Director of the Center for Governance and Markets, University of Pittsburgh 

Ronald Neumann 

Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (2005-2007) 

Ambassador (ret.) Alper Coşkun

Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 

Dr. Rashmini Koparkar (TBC)

Dr. Rashmini Koparkar 

Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University 

Salman Zaidi 

Director of Programs at the Jinnah Institute